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Contact Pamela Andrade  Pamela Andrade ex: 60758 Teacher
Contact Adrianne Maes  Adrianne Maes Teacher
Contact Lauren May  Lauren May Teacher
Contact Amanda Munoz  Amanda Munoz (505) 833-5830 ex: 60759 Teacher
Contact Gelenna Apodaca  Gelenna Apodaca Teacher
Contact Itzuri Chavira-rodriguez  Itzuri Chavira-rodriguez ex: 60734 Teacher
Contact Olivia Dominguez  Olivia Dominguez ex: 60736 Teacher
Contact Nancy Ellison  Nancy Ellison ex: 60737 Teacher
Contact Jeneises Flores  Jeneises Flores ex: 60760 Teacher
Contact Evangeline Peterson  Evangeline Peterson ex: 60739 Teacher
Contact Teresa Summers  Teresa Summers ex: 60740 Teacher
First Grade
Contact Aileen Avila  Aileen Avila Teacher
Contact Maria Bolivar  Maria Bolivar ex: 60727 Teacher
Contact Margaret Brunette  Margaret Brunette Teacher
Contact Albert Buckner  Albert Buckner ex: 60724 Teacher
Contact Daisy Enriquez-marquez  Daisy Enriquez-marquez ex: 60725 Teacher
Contact Nina Kraft  Nina Kraft Teacher
Contact Renee Ortega  Renee Ortega Teacher
Second Grade
Contact Marie Avila  Marie Avila Teacher
Contact Rachel Ayoub  Rachel Ayoub Teacher
Contact Luz Chavira  Luz Chavira Teacher
Contact Lynda Martinez  Lynda Martinez Teacher
Contact Margaret Montoya  Margaret Montoya Teacher
Contact Renee Ortega  Renee Ortega Teacher
Contact Sharon Samuelson  Sharon Samuelson (505) 833-5830 ex: 60747 Second grade teacher
Contact Jennifer Pierce  Jennifer Pierce (505) 833-5830 ex: 60733 Art
Contact Victoria Howlstrom  Victoria Howlstrom Teacher
Physical Education
Contact Jacqueline Nunez  Jacqueline Nunez ex: 60768 Teacher
Contact Joshua Pena  Joshua Pena ex: 60768 Teacher
Special Education
Contact Eva Marie Benson  Eva Marie Benson ex: 60741 Teacher
Contact Nea Mckeon  Nea Mckeon Teacher
Contact Melissa Sanchez  Melissa Sanchez ex: 60718 Head Teacher Special Education
Contact Arthur Serna  Arthur Serna Teacher
Educational Assistants
Contact Maria Chavez  Maria Chavez Staff
Contact Thuy Chong  Thuy Chong Staff
Contact Jasmin Cota Lopez  Jasmin Cota Lopez Kindergarten
Contact Maria Delgadillo  Maria Delgadillo Kindergarten
Contact Loreyna Dominguez  Loreyna Dominguez Staff
Contact Lydia Fernandez Saucedo  Lydia Fernandez Saucedo Staff
Contact Melissa Gallegos  Melissa Gallegos Staff
Contact Elizabeth Gonzales  Elizabeth Gonzales Kindergarten
Contact Nubia Guzman  Nubia Guzman Staff
Contact Mary Halberg  Mary Halberg Staff
Contact Melissa Maestas  Melissa Maestas Staff
Contact Cara Mcculloch  Cara Mcculloch Staff
Contact Cristina Montenegro  Cristina Montenegro Staff
Contact Rachel Moreno  Rachel Moreno Staff
Contact Rhonda Moya  Rhonda Moya Pre K
Contact Crystal Ojeda  Crystal Ojeda Multi-K
Contact Alma Sanchez  Alma Sanchez Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Mary Salazar  Mary Salazar Assistant Principal
Contact Cynthia Gomez  Cynthia Gomez Staff
Contact Margaret Martinez  Margaret Martinez Staff
Contact Lucero Quezada  Lucero Quezada Staff
Contact Monica Beltran  Monica Beltran Nurse Assistant
Contact Priscilla Chavez  Priscilla Chavez Staff
Contact Sandy Martone  Sandy Martone Counselor
Contact Olivia Romero  Olivia Romero (505) 833-5830 ex: 60761 Counselor
Contact Jennifer Baca  Jennifer Baca Staff
Contact Jennifer Miller  Jennifer Miller (505) 833-5830 ex: 60766 Librarian/Sys Admin
Support Staff
Contact Catalina Lovato  Catalina Lovato (505) 833-5830 ex: 60732 Staff
Contact Angela Odams  Angela Odams Staff
Contact Ninette Ramirez  Ninette Ramirez Occupational Therapist
Parent and Community Support
Contact Leena Villegas  Leena Villegas Staff
Contact Lidia Arvizo  Lidia Arvizo Staff
Contact Lorena Garcia  Lorena Garcia Staff
Contact Irma Vidal  Irma Vidal Staff
Contact Brian Blakey  Brian Blakey Staff
Contact David Gonzales  David Gonzales Staff
Contact Rebecca Gutierrez  Rebecca Gutierrez Staff
Contact Isaiah Martinez  Isaiah Martinez Staff